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Is like being drowned by the rain. Once you are drowned the rain cannot bother you any longer. You see while Jesus walked the earth, everyone’s ship got rained upon until they were drowned. Through the law, even though the law is holy of itself. But when you try to obey it yourself it kills you for not one could obey the law in its entirety.

Here let us look at scripture and see for ourselves.

Matthew 5:21-22  23-26  then 27-30 then 31-32 then 33-37 then 38-48

Matthew 6 all of it read it. See especially matt 6:12. Do you see Jesus asking us at that time to pray for his “
Father’s will to be done and forgive or you will not be forgiven. Is this true after the cross? He died for all the sins of the world, so after this prior prayer is filled through the cross. Anyway this anileation just keeps going on through Matthew chapter 7. You see we cannot survive on our own. So we try to find another to live with and think we shall be just fine. And we are not. Oh open thy eyes be a blind man that can see in the Spirit, rather than a seeing man that is blind in the Spirit, for the cares of the world definitely drown out sight in the Spirit.

Just understand you who are trying to obey the law, if that is what you are after then you must obey the whole law perfectly, and if you wish to go to heaven through the law as obeying it. Then when your right hand causes you to sin cut it off better for part of to go to heaven than all of you to go to hell. And if your eye causes you to sin then gouge it out also, better for part of you to go to heaven than all of you to go to hell.

You see, this way you will eventually go to Heaven, yet as a torso only, you cannot talk, touch, feel, see, or hear. And so many of us are now using law and grace to get by and not lose body parts. Oil and water does not mix people! Nor does law and Grace. These are two different covenants. Under law one is cursed for you, I or anyone else are not equipped to obey the whole law, and we all know this in our own Spirits, Yet somehow we desire to look good in front of others as if God has respect of persons. God does not, God is not mocked. There is not one better than another. We are all born under the curse of the law, yet the Law is just, Holy, Perfect and correct in its entirety. But when one tries to set out to obey it, they find they cannot entirely do this. Once you are anilated and the law has convinced you that you need a Savior and that Savior is Christ, not your church on the corner of walk, don’t walk, nor your significant other, your pastor, your friend or anything thing of this earth. It is Christ Jesus the living Savior. So people give up trying to obey the law, and turn to Christ and ask for His Holy Spirit to live in you and obey the law of liberty through you. You Die, and he lives. Love is forever. True love is found in the Holy Ghost only living in and through you. And this needs your asking, for God will not intervene in free will. God just loves you.

Sincerely yours who are looking for the truth the truth that sets you free.

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