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Born of this world

The first thing that happens when we are born into this world, we cry!

Are we happy that we are released from the womb?

The first things we learn from here are, mom, dad or someone comes to us at our beckon cry or not.

I wonder does this affect us somehow.

From the time of conception, have we not been dependent, on Mom?

Mom ate, drank, slept, and did everything for us. We had to do nothing, except if we were not happy at a particular moment in the womb. Then we would kick toss and turn, trying to communicate something to Mom.

So I think that we were completely dependent on Mom, during pregnancy.

We learn early on from how the pregnancy went, how we react when delivered from the womb into this world. Spanked for the first time, I would cry too, put me back!

Then we are confronted from all types of people with oh look how cute is this Baby. We get all kinds of great, cute remarks. So we are led to think what a great world this must be. Or we are not treated well from birth, with dirty old relatives.

We all know we all react according to the way we have been treated, good or bad.

And even though we got treated well when we were little or not, the big bad world is still out there that as a little child we are completely unaware of its cruelty of others that do not care.

This is reality for us all here and now in this world. The solution is finding solace in the midst of this earthly experience.

So did you know according to the bible, that when Christ went to the cross and took sin upon him, it was for all mankind, it was for all sins, and that John the Baptist said look this is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. John 1:29

We all have gone to this religion or that religion, found temporary solace in the midst of our problem. Yet only temporary, for another one comes right after getting past the last one. This battle goes on for ones’ entire lifetime here on earth. John 16:33

So how can we overcome all troubles in the midst of trouble?

We here things like just believe and everything will work out. Trust and you shall be saved, yet trouble seems to surround us regardless and even more so when we set out to know God the Father of Jesus Christ.

Whatever you do Brother, Sister, friend or foe, as you look for the creator of all, do not give up, no matter what. If you seek, you shall find. The problem is that this world and its cares will try to drown you.

So think this if you are already drowned, you cannot be troubled by the rain. Die to this world and its traps.  See God said that all things will work toward the good for those that love him and thus are called according to his will. Romans 8:28

Our minds (Thoughts) are the jailer, if we are in a place of bad thoughts, then our grief (s) are the shackles, struggling to escape, and never getting free until our thoughts change. As a man thinks so is he (Proverbs 23:7) we are designed this way, that we cannot have feelings w/o first the thoughts that support that feeling. Without depressing thoughts, one cannot be depressed. Try it, we are designed this way. Jesus said once you believe; seek to renew your mind (thoughts) see issues from Jesus’ point of view, especially his Fathers sight. Your sins and lawless acts are behind his back never to see again (Hebrews) read it all and glean from your teacher God the Father of Christ your mediator in order to see and talk to the Father.

Now born again

Verily, verily I say unto you, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3)

Verily, verily I say unto you, except a man is born of water and Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God (John 3:5)

That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the spirit is spirit (John 3:6)

We today are mixing flesh and Spirit, mixing law and grace. I do not think either of these mixes mix; like water and oil, cannot mix.

So how does one become born again in the spirit and leave the flesh as dead, yet still be alive here and now? I think by belief alone, (Ephesians 1:13) we are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise when we first believed. It is up to us to keep looking, seeking, finding out the truth, while we are definitely already saved, promised by God the Father of Christ, once you have repented unto belief from unbelief. This is the only thing that Christ never died for, which is unbelief period. (Matthew 12:31) all sin shall be forgiven except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Read John 3:5-8

Blasphemy is unbelief, defying the Spirit of truth. So is it a sin? But I thought he died for all sin. Is unbelief a sin? Or is it what we are born with (unbelief). So then when we do have a chance to believe, we make a choice to one or the other. One way or the other we have our chance to believe or not. If we choose to not believe that becomes blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Unbelief is not forgiven, it does not need to be forgiven, it is blasphemy, and it is ones choice to either be with God, Jesus’ Father or not. You see, Brother or Sister it is not about sin anymore it is about belief or unbelief. If you believe, God himself will teach you, and you will know the truth that sets you free.

If you do not believe you will continue in frustration, madness, sinfulness, fighting, arguing, happy then sad, then happy again like a roller coaster up, down and up again.

If you come to belief, the fire ignites inside you, you start burning up the flesh, growing in stature and wisdom in the Spirit drowning the flesh, the dross being burned out of you, by the Holy Ghost that now resides in you. You are being purified by God. So count all adversity as joy, look at adversity as what can I learn from this, say thank you God, I know this bad thing happening is somehow to my gain in knowing you.

I think, once one comes to believe, they get attacked with trials and tribulation from the dark side, trying to stop one from desiring to know God. This evil does not like one to thirst and hunger for righteousness, for if they continue in spite of their particular adversity, they shall be filled and overflow, yet it usually takes years to see and overcome the devil (s) of this world. As Christ has already overcome, so when one finally sees through, they will see they have also overcome through trusting God the Father of Christ (John 16:33) in Christ one has peace, in the world one has tribulation. So if you believe and are in your belief dead unto the world, then you are alive to Christ, and you have peace beyond understanding, while in the midst of adversity. One in this case could be homeless, shipwrecked, in Jail, and still be content, for if one is drowned by the rain, how can one be troubled. Read Ephesians and Philippians, asking for the understanding from God, who lives in you by Belief in Christ.

So if one is dead to the world and dead to the flesh, one cannot be troubled, and through this belief, one lives in joy above their circumstances here and now, knowing all things work towards the good. When one is in Christ, he, she has overcome the world also. They can joyfully live above any circumstance they are in, because they have died to the cares of this world.

Again the mind through thoughts can be a jailer, with grief as the shackles, or the mind can be renewed through belief in the death, burial, resurrection and ascension, of Jesus Christ unto the Father to teach you, through the Holy Ghost that, Christ and his Father sent you the day you first believed (Ephesians 1:13) You are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, a seal cannot be broken when it is done by God. So do not be deceived by vain men in this world. Listen to God. God is now your teacher in the Spirit, in your heart. (Hebrews 8-10)

We are under a new covenant, those that have come to believe are no longer under the law that Moses presented to the Jews. The law to begin with was never delivered to the Gentiles. Grace and truth was. Now we follow in the spiritual law of freedom from condemnation for those that seek after the Spirit.(Romans 8:1 and onward)

You see Brother, Sister the Bible keeps pointing to being dead in the flesh and alive in the Spirit, though belief in Jesus Christ and all that he did for you personally. It is written all through the Doctrines of the Apostles. I encourage you to read the testimonies of the Apostles in order to see this amazing free gift of life everlasting in the Spirit here and now while on this earth.

Thank you to whoever has and is reading this, I know God loves you, and is showing this to you, whatever happens to you here on this earth,  just trust God to see you through to the end, for I am a testament that God will, for God has with me, Martin Luther said he saw and sees through to the light and it is amazing. I am testifying to this as well.

Sincerely Yours, your friend in Christ
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