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Not destroy it Matthew 5:17

The next verse goes to say, Matt 5:18 Verily I say unto you that not one bit of the law shall pass, all of the law shall be in place until all is fulfilled. Heaven and earth have not passed away either.

So with the next verse in place this has been misinterpreted to think that the law was never fulfilled by Christ or was but the law to us that believe it has not. For even yet Heaven and earth has not yet passed away. For in matt 5:18, not one iota of the law shall pass until heaven and earth have passed. Powerful words and is the truth, not one iota of the law shall pass until all has been fulfilled including heaven and earth passing away and a new heaven and earth begins.  

So a major portion of all our lives are living under the law, and when we fail we are going to God for forgiveness over and over again. Many of us have just quit and gone on with our lives doing the best we can, and have according the clergy done a Hebrews 10:25, we have forsaken the fellowship. So through guilt we all strive to relief it by going to another church denomination or non-denominational, until somehow we feel comfortable, actually LOVED, until one day we see we are not unless we fit in those peoples basket of eggs. Dare we say what we feel, and well, we might be excommunicated. So we hinder our thoughts into being sick, and we get attention so we go down that road. All in all are we not all looking for attention, acceptance and Love that goes on forever?

You know big kid on the block, most popular, Johnny won first place and you were last, and now aspire to be like Johnny. Or you won and thought yourself better than everyone else.

What Mother Teresa said she found in her travels: Quote; “She found there was more need for LOVE than food.”

What about you, is this true? I know it was true with me, until I found this Love that all are searching for. This LOVE is God, the Son, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit of truth that leads each one to this true love. Unfortunately it is such hard work to find, and I found most give up searching this from God, and thus temporarily the enemy wins, showing things of this world that are shiny and we go after it like sheep to the slaughter house. This love cannot be found in or on this earth. This true love is not a part of this earth. Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world. If it were then all of the angels would have fought and won. Peter thought at that time that it was time to fight, but it was not yet time. Peter cut off the soldier’s ear and Jesus healed that ear instantaneously. So let us see that particular moment in time and you are now Peter. Is not what Jesus did LOVE to his enemy? Have you been taught that you are his enemy because you cannot be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect? Using the Lord’s Prayer out of context. Tell me what side of the cross are we all on today?

Okay let’s get back to the fulfillment of the law, and see what side of the crucifixion we are on today in the present. The world has its calendar fixed on BCE and CE. It has been 2012 years since the Death of Christ that is CE, Common Era. But really the world has divided time by the cross of Christ. Before Christ and after Christ. So we are all on the side of the cross that is after his death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

Matt 5:17. He came to fulfill the law and prophets that would mean completing the Old Testament, along with the Prophets. Now after Christ said these words to the people listening that day, he went on and healed the sick the lame, the dead, doing miracles no other man ever did. And he forgave all people that were repentant unto him (that saw and believed on him). He could not do this to an unbeliever in him. If you do not believe how could you receive?  That was the clergy of his day here on earth, they did not believe. They had their own righteousness, their Father was Abraham. Jesus showed them their sin, and said if you so much as lust at a woman, you have already committed adultery. This stopped them in their tracks of accusations.

Well now Jesus continued on and spoke truth, gave mercy on those seeking mercy, gave righteousness to those seeking it and this is available today. Today he gives you total forgiveness in him from your belief in him, thus then you can move on to the new life where the Holy Spirit of truth leads you into his courts with thanksgiving and praise as King David said in psalms. King David saw this miraculous day before Christ came to this earth. And today we all that believe get to look back at this miraculous event, and say the same thing except now today we have access instantly upon belief, and true works are created from belief and belief alone.

Okay when Jesus was finished showing you he was and is God’s Son inviting you to the kingdom of Heaven. He had to go to the cross (actually a stake in the ground) but anyway, he had to die; I will explain this in Hebrews.

 In John 19:30 Jesus yells out and says it is FINISHED. So what is finished here? He then gave up the Ghost and died. Did he fulfill the law and Prophets? Did has he done what he said in Matthew 5:17? Fulfilled the law and Prophets?

Before a new covenant can be put in place, first there must be the death of the one that has a will, and proof of that death, before that covenant can be put in place. This is why Christ had to die in order to usher in a new covenant, where all sins of the world have been dealt with, so Father could come and live in the believer, and become your teacher unto the truth, and set you free. Under the old covenant no one could ever be free, under trying to perform the law, any law, one is not free and never will be, being under the law. So read for yourselves Hebrew start with 9:15 afterward go to the beginning of Hebrews, and start seeing the truth from God’s vantage point.

Well, again let us go to Hebrews 9:15, 16 and read through all the way until you see where your sins and lawless acts God the Father will see NO MORE. Is this good news? Wow! Is my reaction.

 So what do I do with my sin since Father has, past tense, already forgiven me for all sin I could ever commit, past, present and future? What about THANK YOU, for I am now at rest thanking him forever and ever.

Well lets first read Hebrews from chapter 9, and see what God has to say about the law was the shadow of the good things to come and how that Christ being the last sacrifice for sin, the last shedding of blood, was and is meant to purge your conscience from sin forever.

Brother, sister the sin issue is over, and you are still sinning because you have been placed under the law, and you are somehow still trying to fulfill it. But you can escape it once you believe in Christ and the finished work. Your sins all have been taken away the day you first believed and were sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise. If you have not yet believed or are not sure because of the untruth you have been taught and placed under the law, where one is cursed through it. Then come from out underneath and trust God to deliver you seeing, that you cannot behave under the law.

This is what the law was put in place for to show each and all of us that we cannot obey it all. We will do good we might get nine of the ten down, yet when we go for the tenth, as we are going for it, 5 more pop back up, try this get ten ping pong balls put them in a bathtub full of water, and try to put all ten under the water at the same time using your hands does this help in reminding us that we cannot obey the ten commandments complete. This is usually in lust of the flesh, anger and hiding our sins. Then going out to the world and acting as if all is okay, and it is not. We put on masks all of u until we see through to the truth, and quit trying to stop our old life.

You see God does not want you to quit your old life, you can’t, and you never could before you were saved or after you were saved. Again God does not want you to quit getting anger, pride, lusting after another. YOU CAN”T. God wants you to start the new life, get busy with this new life and you will not have time for sin, and while you are learning this new life and you do sin, go to God and start off with thank you for already forgiving me my sin, back at the cross of your Son Christ Jesus, I desire to learn how to walk in your Spirit Father so I can say no to unrighteousness. Father replies and says now that you are past the Forgiveness issue, yes here you go walk by the inward man in your heart, see romans 6, 7, and 8. And you will not be you anymore.

Okay now to explain Matthew 5:18 the law is still in place Yes it is. But to whom is it in place for? Is it in place for the believer? No for the believer has come to the end of the energy of their own flesh sees the law and its punishment, has turned to Christ the savior, and plead I cannot keep the law it is killing me. Christ through the Holy Ghost replies THANK YOU, I have been waiting for you to say this, now here let me take you to my Father and teach you all truth the truth that sets you free from this man performance world.

THE LAW is still in place for the unbeliever and the ones that think they believe yet are still under the law, under its curse when they try to obey and cannot. For just as you cannot mix water and oil, you cannot mix flesh and Spirit they do not mix. So the same is for LAW and GRACE they do not mix, period. You are either under law cursed or you are under grace free.

The law is not finished with you until you see to let go of it and get on the trust road, trusting God to deliver you from your personal sin and sin of others between you and God, For God is faithful and until you give up and say as Christ said, Father is there any other way, never the less your will Father not mine and you go to the cross and die with Christ, seeing all sin is now behind him and then thus you as well, then you can be born again, rising from the old live unto the new one were The Holy Spirit by your free will is now in charge to lead you forever and ever, and thus you are free from all law and yet through this Holy Spirit of truth you are obeying it. Yet it is not you it is God Through you. Wow what a relief this is and thus you can smile in all things knowing God will never forsake you ever. Now the Devil will try its best to get you to doubt this and when you do you are right back under the law and cursed all over again.

Hoping you all get this and be set free as God has set me free. Love you all seeing you all from God’s vantage point not my own any longer

Homward bound
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