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To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved in whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.

Please remember to read this yourself from Ephesians1:1 in order to keep the written doctrine in context. When was this written to whom, and why? Then what does this say to you and me?

There is a word in the verse above that I would like to point out to you the one that is reading this. That is “ACCEPTED” in the beloved.

So if you are accepted in the beloved, (the beloved being Christ Jesus, his Father and our Spiritual truth guide) (Holy Ghost) would you need to be accepted by anyone else?

Your answer might be this was not written to me personally, but I say it is Ephesians 1:1 and to the faithful in Christ, or better put the believers in Christ. So it is to you personally, and you and you. Now read on see your sins back at the cross are forgiven and you through belief have been made Holy and Righteousness through the finished sacrifice of Jesus. That you the believer can now rejoice, dying to the law of flesh and blood, coming alive to the law of liberty, receiving the Holy Ghost of promise as in Ephesians 1:13 see, basking and knowing God as God is. Having the ability to rejoice with God the Father of Jesus, for you have (past tense) been accepted in the beloved, crying ABBA Father, thanking Christ forever and always for this new covenant he has freely given to you, please come to belief if you have not already and be set free to love, forgive, forgiving even yourself, for God took all and condemned it all to the cross of his beloved Son, making you and all beloved in Christ.

So you might be thinking as most have been taught what about my future sins, what do I do with them, if I do not ask for further forgiveness? Good question

Read Romans 3:24-31 There is a place where it talks of past sins, that they are past, forgiven.

So let me ask you, how soon are your sins past? So how fast are they forgiven? Is it before you can ask for more forgiveness? Before you can get into a prayer position?

So are all sins past tense paid for through Christ’s blood? Yes, so when you, I or anyone finally comes to terms with this truth, then one, and all that finalize this comes to truth and are set free from bondage. Thus God becomes your teacher in Hebrews 8:11 God from you finally saying thank you that God took all of my sins away so I can come to God in my time of need (WHICH IS ALWAYS TO ME) and seek truth from you and be set free seeing it is not me anymore that lives it is you that lives now through me. Oh and thus since you now know it is finished you are forgiven there is no in and out of fellowship in Christ, the Father and the Holy Ghost. There is this in flesh and blood, not in the born again life of the Father, son and Holy Ghost. Every day learn to say Thank you, and you do not know how you will get through, but you are going to trust Christ Jesus, and I tell you, you will.

God strikes again to you with truth again in order to free you from slavery to freedom and are able to still do what you did before, just now with the joy you now have in Christ and his finished work so you could come to life.

That’s FREEDOM baby

Homward bound
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tagged a Believer in the Father and Son with the Holy Spirit of God to lead at age 12. Went wayward and still go wayward, and know at this present day form all I have done and gone through
GOD JUST LOVE YOU, ME AND ALL PEOPLE, if only one will plain and simply not stop believing and or thinking because of what one has done, God takes Pepto- Bismal on you, when it is people that do that not God

So anyone I ever harmed I have done my best to find and apologize to. Go forth putting what is behind me now behind me and move forward with what I have learned from not loving others in truth of God's love for us all through Son 

Just so you know this stop, be still and know GOD does just love you through Jesus Christ the Son that took away the sin of the world first in his death to give you life in his risen life by Father these verses below describe this truth in truth
Col 1:21-23 and Romans 5:10 first death had to occur for forgiveness total and then resurrection for us to be made alive in this by Spirit of God not by one's flesh and blood of
By Christ's alone thank you

So believe and be set free while in adversity or not and still be in adversity without the peace of

For belief brings peace in adversity, where as not in belief this world gives temporary peace that does not last for eternity as belief does this only in Christ unto Father for new life in Spirit and truth (John 4:24)

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