Thursday, April 12, 2012

My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. - 1 John 3:18 (KJV)

Actions speak louder than words, be a doer of the engrafted word ask God to engraft the living word in you. This engrafted word has nothing to do with obeying the law, and feeling guilty again and again, and it has nothing to do with acting as if you know the truth, or getting Forgiveness over and over again, just to go back out and do whatever it is that is making you feel unaccepted in God all over again, and other people that you view as better than you, you cannot let them down as well.

Been there done that, and as I kept trying to obey the Law, any law that I was put under, I found that I could not obey the whole law and fell short thinking that God was displeased with me. The same as I saw the others that were displeased when I confessed my sin. How they treated me afterwards. So my view of God was the same as how these holier than thou people treated me after they knew I sinned. I already felt bad, and they made me feel worse. When I finally understood the truth from God that I am and all others have been released from the tyranny of the law, just not all people understand this and are in bondage to obey the law, as I was. Yet they can’t as no one except God can and did through the cross. I was released to freedom from the law. At first I heard go out now and just do whatever you want, you are forgiven, you can go to the bars, you can gamble, Go on! God will forgive you even when you get mad, angered at your wife. Go on treat her badly. Lie to her about getting things for her. Tell her you could not find what she wanted so you got this here this is all they had and I got that. Go ahead Howard you are Forgiven, Just ask God for more forgiveness.

Do you all hear this LIE from the devil, powers of the air? Have you ever had this happen to you? Are you left perplexed and angered, thinking this is God?

It is not God never has been God never will be God. God is not a liar, his people since the fall are and we all need our minds renewed to truth that sets one free from the bondage of the law, transferred to the way God, views things. God is LOVE, not worldly. But actually teaches one to think about their neighbor as self.

Paul when he penned 1 Corinthians to the Corinthians it was for the reason that I just stated above. Yet Paul writes to them and says to the SAINTS in Christ Jesus. They were tromping all over their neighbor, not caring about them. The ones that were rich (monetarily), had money. Were showing up to the place that they were meeting  at and eating all the food before the rest of the body got there, and drinking up all the wine, thus carrying on with the women, with sex and so on. The whole 1Corinthians was to set them straight about what this grace was meant for, that they were complete in Christ in their forgiveness from God through his Son Jesus. Read it all for yourself and see this taking advantage of grace, with the attitude oh well god will just forgive me so I can drink up all the wine and eat all the food, who cares if my neighbor is poor and has not enough to eat.

Do you see what the devil(s) have done to grace here? Now Paul wrote 2 Corinthians and started out with possible regret to them, he thought he may have been too harsh on them. But he got a report from others involved in this new covenant where your sins (ALL) are behind his back never to see again, directly from God in Hebrews. And they misunderstood it and only had a worldly sorrow. But this worldly sorrow turned into a GODLY one in 2Corinthians 7:2-16. The only way one can become a true doer of the word is die to self, die to the world, and come alive to the word of God almighty. 1Corinthains 15:50, but read all of 15 for the context please. Then read again at the end of 15, maybe you will see and ask God to show you this transformation from death to life in the Holy Spirit of God the Father of Christ.
Okay what is the sting of death? What is the strength of sin? How are these two truths overcome? Now knowing this who overcame the sting of death and the power of sin, which is in the law.

Are you going to stand steadfast in truth, and die to the law of this world and the Mosaic Law, that was put in place to show you your need of God? Without ones need of God, then one will not seek for God. Are you done trying to be a do gooder looking for praise when you think you have done right and desire to be recognized thus you think there is good in you, and each time you fail you go to God and ask for further forgiveness without the shedding of blood, almost all sin was always cleansed by the shedding of blood. Now Christ was and is the last sacrifice for sin on the cross that he was crucified on and was the last shedding of blood. There is no more forgiveness to be executed it is done.

Now notice this in scripture, is there any place where the disciples ever asked for further forgiveness after receiving the forgiveness from the cross (actually a stake)? No there is not Brother and Sister.

Now only one place that even comes close to asking for more forgiveness over and over. That would be the 1John 1Niners (winers) read it from the 1John 1:1, and when you get to 1John 1:9 onward it does not say to get further forgiveness ever after admitting you are a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness and admit he did come in the flesh. This forgiveness is provided nowhere else except at the finished work of the cross. Then came the resurrection after proof of the death so that the ones that believe can enter into this new covenant Hebrews9:15- onward where you are considered a saint the day you first believed from God the Father of Christ through his sacrifice to take away the sin of the world in His Father’s sight. God seeing you as seeing his Son from Father’s  sight.

Now go to each epistle and read and see from the start of each one, not very far into each one Paul calls all a saint in Christ Jesus, even though they did not understand this new covenant. For the adversary was and is busy today to usurp your understanding of this new covenant. Your sins are not an issue any longer. It is belief or unbelief that is what the issue is. Then seek out the truth that puts you at rest, while you are at work.

Hebrews 4:6 they did not enter his rest (GOD’S) because of unbelief. This is nothing to do with obeying the law, being in and out of fellowship. There is no in and out of fellowship. If you believe then God has started the truth in you, it is LOVE for all, not for some as the unbelievers do, it is for all period. How can I ever say that I am of God unless I love all as God loves all? I might need to tell a brother something that I do not like, the? Would be how do I do that. In Love or in chastisement, as Paul DID TO THE CORINTHIANS. Just understand Christ is the end of the law for you to be righteous, through your belief. Works Follow belief, when one really believes. Belief (faith) does not follow works. When one works upfront then a reward is expected to be paid. So if Faith is the payment for work, then it should have been through the law that righteousness came. But that is not true, Righteousness came through faith, and works are a result of faith, not the other way around

Love you all, no matter who you are, praying for you to receive believe and you shall see.

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