Thursday, May 31, 2012


We all have goals of some sort right? Have we learned that goals do not pan out the way we imagined they would? Goals are great, but can get in one’s way when the goal(s) in mind do not turn out the way we expected them to.  Has this ever happened to you? It has to me. We are taught to plan, plan, and plan right? Do plans turn out the way we planned? So then how do we react to plans when they do not turn out the way we planned?

This is what I have learned about this type of situation. When I plan today, I do not add water to my plan as adding water to cement. If and whenever I do add water the plan gets set in place as cement hardens and sets in place. So when I have cemented my plan in place and it does not turn out the way it was planned, then I am upset aren’t you?

Can anyone of us predict the future? We can make estimated guesses on future events. But no one that I know of can turn his hair at will white or black. At will make it rain or not rain. At will raise the dead. No one except one in history has ever done these things and can do them at will, heal the sick at will, no one other known than Jesus Christ. Christ is the only one that did more than any other person here on the face of this earth. The calendar is even divided by him, before and after. Yet we people instead of putting faith (trust) in Christ and his Father, we would rather make future plans, develop expectations from those plans and when they do not come to fruition we become, angry, ill, frustrated, sinful, only caring about ourselves, going to local church and asking God as well as the people there for help, turning God into a vending machine. Put in your tithes and get a piece of candy. Then when this does not happen the way we expect it to, we think God does not love us, he is punishing us. Then what must we do to get God to respond to us, and on and on it is all about you, you, or you over there.

All this mentioned above brothers and sisters are unrealistic expectations, and not understanding who God is. Yes including going to church, and asking for God to do something for you and thus you will do something for God, even in your prayer closet. Even when you go out and are doing for God, I tell you the truth refrain from expectations because you think you have been good enough by what you have done or might do. You see when you start expecting for anything to be, you are arrogant and no nothing, for you are working for your inheritance that you already have through belief in Christ, no work needed in Christ. The way of this world you work in order to get a reward period. No work no reward. If a man does not work he shall not eat. So we all are caught up in WE HAVE TO DO IN ORDER TO GET.

I tell you the truth you do not perform to get into God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom is not of this earth and God has said no flesh in his sight shall ever please him for God is a Spirit and can only be worshipped in Spirit and truth. John 4:24

So then what do we do? Since we do not work in order to get, what should or how should I react to this for we do have to make a living somehow?

Working is now not a job any longer in Christ. It is maintaining the Garden, his Garden as if we are back in the Garden of Eden (Which in Christ you are) keeping it up, now with a joy  as Adam and Eve were doing in there before they were deceived and ate.

We have been restored those of us that believe in their heart and have received Christ as their Savior. We do not have to worry any longer, strive for success, want and desire anything, for God has said, all ones needs are, and will be supplied to those that seek after the kingdom of God above all else. A C.S. Lewis Quote: Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. See people seek from above and through trust in Father through Christ all needs shall be taken care of. Just understand that earth will come against you, the world does not understand the spiritual and hates Spiritual. Just as your own flesh fights against the Spirit that God recreated in you the first day you believed. This is why Paul has said in Romans 6, 7 and 8 the things he said. Read them and see from the spirit of God this truth. Then confirm it in Galatians 5 where it talks about this war between the flesh and Spirit.

So have no expectations and you will get no anger. Have expectations and you will get anger.

Enter into the rest God has for you here and now, while you are working to pay your bills, ask God and see where you are spending foolishly, for God will reveal to you as God has revealed this to me and set me free from this world and its traps to keep me in bondage. God has taught me to act my wage and not my IQ. Spend what I have not what I don’t. Give what I have, not what I do not have. Give out of his heart of compassion and secretly. It is no more tithes; it is out of giving as God has already given you. So not being under the ten percent rule any longer we are under the heart of giving as one has to give.

Are you seeing now take no thought, have no expectations, just live today in the present trusting God to see you through. When you think about future and plan go ahead, just do not cement those plans in cement. Then when the unexpected happens you will be ready for it, and you will laugh knowing that all things the unexpected ones that happen will somehow work towards God’ benefit and therefore yours too.

Now Brothers and sisters this is good news is it not? You can relax at work now, you can now just do as you go, taking no thought of the enemy, anger, worry, stress, I cannot do this or that, for through your trust in God being at rest in God, God takes over the driver’s seat and you watch God go to work through you, as if you are a fly on the wall, you see the love, the joy, the peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit of truth. You thus when this happens through your faith in God the Father of Christ are set free from this present dark world. You in the midst of adversity will be content, because the creator of all has got you smothered and covered in Him

Hoping to see you on the beach resting in the Spirit of your mind being renewed in Christ. Yes be at work and at rest at the same time, see you there.

From God and his finished work at the cross awaiting to have put the enemy under your feet as it is already done in Christ, thus showing you it is done in you the day you first believed. So go work and rest at the same time, all things are possible in God the Father through Christ


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Empty your vessels quickly. So much retained by you so much less will be gained from God."

Each and every morning upon waking up thank god for God and just empty self into God, thus trust as you go through the day.

Know that as you run into adversity, you can pass right through it facing reality for what reality is. If it is anger that knocks on your minds door, frustration, anxiousness, or any other thought that is out of character of who God says you are (God says in his sight, you are perfect, the day you began belief in him through the son)

Then you can actually take no thought of any of those types of thoughts that in the past always derailed you into actions of anger. Frustration impatience and so and so forth.

So you all, empty those vessels, continuously, and thus God’s love will replace those worldly thoughts with God’s Holy Spirit of truth. And you will be free, just fill up on the Holy Ghost’s truth of Jesus and his Father.

Loving you all from God’s vantage point, so love back the same, and you will see that you are free. Trust me the world will come against you, but do not fear for God in Christ has overcome the world, you are in Christ so therefore in Christ you also through belief have also overcome the world

 I am Homwardbound


Jesus while here on the earth said this to the people that were listening. He said to them if you do not understand a physical analogy, how will you understand any Spiritual reality. You see in the physical, the things we see and understand are true in the Spiritual realm.

Example: Look at a tree, any tree. Let us use an orange tree. Can an orange tree bear apples? No an orange tree can only produce oranges, as an apple tree can only produce apples

Does an orange tree branch where the orange hangs off of the branch produce that orange, bear that orange or both? What if the orange tree branch was not connected to tree, would it be able to produce or bear the orange?

Okay if the branch is connected to the tree does the tree or branch produce the fruit? How can the branch do any producing of any oranges? Whether it is connected to the tree or not, how?

So we know that a branch, any branch from any tree does not have the ability to produce fruit, unless it abides in the tree, and then it still cannot produce fruit. For a branch can only bear the fruit that the tree produces in and through the branch that is abiding in it (faith) (trust) in that tree to do its job in and through the branch.

And we are the branches John chapter 15 read the whole chapter and ask God to reveal the meaning to you.

You see brothers and sisters, let us act like branches on a tree and abide in the tree in order for the tree to its job and produce fruit in order for the others to live a life of peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. All we can do is rest in the tree and the tree produces fruit in and through you the branch. All you do is bear the fruit. So just rest in God you all, know that God can, will and does take care of you. Just abide, trust, live, love, laugh; take a different look at adversity in your life.

Say to God I do not know how you God will get me through this adversity I am in, but I am now just going to trust you to lead me and I am not going to give up on you. I am instead going to give up on this world and its crazy ways of worrying, causing death in me. For here I am oh Lord Take me and mold me to your loving ways, thank you for life everlasting through your Son (Jesus Christ) I am forever grateful. So now teach me Father How to walk in you so that I do not have time to take thought of any garbage any longer. Change my way of thinking and show me your way of thinking, and I know now I want to see all things from your vantage point not mine that I have learned from this present dark world. For now in you I am no longer of this world yet I am in it and I can trust you to lead me through it in victory, via trusting you and asking you to take the driver’s seat for the rest of my life

Amen from the Father of lights bringing in the sheep to life everlasting from Father’s vantage point of view

Homwardbound I am

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

“For do I now persuade (peitho) men, or God; or do I seek to please men?” Galatians 1:10

2 Corinthians 1:24 “Not for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for by faith ye stand.”

Look again at Matthew Chapter 20:25.  “But Jesus called them unto him, and said, you know that the rulers of the nations lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. Not so shall it be among you: but whosoever would become great among you shall be your minister; and whosoever would be first among you shall be your servant; even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you turn and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 18:3-4

“…Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many." Matthew 20:28

“And whoever exalts himself will be humbled and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” Matthew 23:12

If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, have washed your feet, ye also ought to wash one another's feet.  For I have given you an example, that ye also should do as I have done to you.

…If ye know these things, blessed are ye if ye do them.” John 13:14-17

The same is true in regards to 1 Timothy 5:17:  “Let the elders that rule (proistemi) well be counted worthy of double honor.”   The Greek word proistemi, rendered “rule,” bears no association at all with authority, power, or control.   It merely meant that elders (older men) are to stand with zeal; maintain themselves; should be foremost in knowledge and quality of life; a quality which rightfully should be embodied in all saints.  “Proistemi” is not therefore for the few, but the duty of all.

“Go ye, and stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this Life." Acts 5:20

“…when I stood before the council, except it be for this one voice, that I cried standing among them, Touching the resurrection of the dead I am called in question before you this day.” Acts 24:20-21

“…to the end that they who have believed God may be careful to maintain good works.” Titus 3:8

“And let our people also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful.”  Titus 3:14

How did the word rule or rule over, which in the mind of the English reader conveys control and mastery over the people, find its way into the text when Paul himself wrote:  “Not that we are trying to dictate to you what you must believe; but are fellow workers and helpers of your joy, for by your faith you stand."  2 Corinthians 1:24

Do you see people no one has rule over you after you have come of age and no one but your parents before you have come of age has rule. This rule is to be towards and for your long term joy. Being taught of the Lord and his great Mercy towards all that choose to believe in him and trust him in all things whether good or bad.

Pride is not the refusal to “place yourself under” some church official.  It is the desired result to rise above others!

Even though Jesus was God, He did not seek to rise above men. “But he emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men.” Philippians 2:7

Pride is the act of setting oneself above others, not the refusal to submit to those who have wrongfully done so. Humility then is embracing the lowliness of Christ, who although He was God, humbled himself and made Himself of no reputation.  If humility is to make oneself of no reputation, what then is pride?

It is thinking of self as better than others, rising above others, ruling over others, taking authority as if you are the answer to others problems. You or I are not rulers, yet we have rule and this rule is over one’s self not others. This rule was given to us by grace from the creator of all, known as Father of Jesus Christ. This rule is not a rule over this or that it is a freedom to choose what is right over what is not right, via Jesus Christ, the Crucifixion, then the resurrection then the Ascension. Which without the Ascension, we would not have Holy Ghost baptism with fire. The day of Pentecost would have not happened. So people it is the same today we are under the Holy Ghost baptism and with fire, water baptism is over, it is done Acts 1:5.

You are free once you come to belief in Christ you receive all you need for life and Godliness. No one has rule over you. God even chose to not have rule over you. If God had chosen rule over you then God would never have given free choice to begin with at the Garden of Eden.

So pleasing men is letting them have rule over you, and thus you are not free. So Did Paul seek to please man? Or was he persuading us to believe and be free, for Paul was sure convinced of the freedom. Thus man has taken over and has successfully destroyed the given freedom of many people.  John 10:10

Loving you all fervently  Homwardbound

Saturday, May 26, 2012


What is reality? Do we face reality? Do we hide reality? Do our emotions keep us from accepting reality?

Example: Death, is death a reality? But do we accept it or face it as this is and has been a part of life? When we have a death in our family, are we sad? Do we hide our emotions within ourselves? Move on trying to do something else to keep our mind off of that person that died?

I think we all have had our tragedies here on this earth that is difficult to face as reality, thus accept them for what they are.

We as people are constantly looking for solace in the midst of our adversities. Contentment, peace, security. Our minds to relax from going ninety miles an hour.

Worrying over whether we will make it, worrying over how long we will live here on earth. Worry, worry, worry, the mind never stops. Once you, I or anyone else has been trapped into worry, death becomes them and this world loves this. For the others use this to take advantage of you. Watch if I know your weakness, I can manipulate this to my advantage and spitefully use you, looking good the whole time. Because it seems that most people do not want to die. Do not want to be sick. Desire to be loved; the reality of this is this is used against you. So man destroys man for man is selfish and acts like he is not, thus those that are loving get despitefully used and thus out of anger start to do the same thing in order to survive themselves.

Will worry add a moment to your life? Actually think about this it will take away from your life. No time to heal for you are too worried about situations to send healing to your body. I call worry, stinking thinking. The head of the Body is the control, the brain, which activates life or death in you according to your thinking. What I speak here is Physical. Now what about Spiritual? Christ is the head, and said cast your cares on his Father who cares for you. Exercise faith brothers and sisters in Christ. Start the walk in belief of him. Read the scriptures for yourself and see the love of God, the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost in the Spirit not flesh.

Reality, there is more here and now than just physical, we all know this, yet for some reason we get caught up in tangible items, people places and things. We go by what we see physically rather than spiritually.

So do you breathe air that you do not see? Does this air that we do not see sustain our physical lives? Without this air can we live? So do you see God, the creator of all things? Something created all this right? And if we are just here to die what is the purpose? The purpose is to live on past here. When we die here we get to go to our new location with God the creator of all, spiritually forever. This is reality. So when one dies here on this earth physically, tell them you are welcoming them to their new location, and so shall you rest in peace until it is your time to go to that new location with Father, being in Father’s presence forever. Forget about you trying to please God so you can go. God already through his Son paved the way through you trusting God unto salvation by faith which produced love to all people. Reality just Love, love, love and love some more. Let God’s love shine in you and through you. You rest in peace here and now, knowing God just loves you, period so you can rest medicine

Love you all unconditionally, you are free in him. Reality


Friday, May 25, 2012

If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.

This is a CS Lewis quote

What an eye opener. Ask yourself is this true? Is there a desire that no experience in this world can satisfy it?

Then just maybe turn to God the finished work of God’s Son that took away the sin of the world in God the Fathers’ sight. The sin all of it was and is condemned to the flesh, this being why Father will not ever be pleased by the flesh whether it appears good or not. Just as Father was never pleased by the blood of Bulls and Goats. But Father is pleased by his Son Jesus Christ, once and for all those that come to belief in the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God teaching you the believer truth. The truth that sets you free from your own flesh and all flesh that is here on this earth masquerading as good. Freedom from all evil, while in the midst of evil. Read the book of Colossians about your freedom from this world and its traps. Also understand John 16:33


Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Nearness to Me brings sweetness, confidence, and peace into life."

"Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth." Colossians 3:2

It is so hard to do this when one is going through so much adversity. Their minds are all focused on the trouble at hand, like in the book of Job.

Job would not stop at trust in his redeemer, no matter what came Job’s way. Can we do this? Are we doing this? Look at this Job’s time was prior to the cross of Jesus Christ the redeemer to all mankind that will change their mind from unbelief to belief. Start to say thank you in all things, good or bad, saying I do not know how Father you will get me through this terrible tragedy, but I know you will for you are faithful I am not.

Are you going through the fire brothers, sisters, friends, enemies? Can you say thank you and seek what you can learn from this situation you are in, shut the gate on the bad, put a lock on it and throw it away, along with the key so you can not reopen it. For if you will keep your minds on whatever is true, perfect and correct, in the midst of adversity, you will still be at peace. For what is true, perfect and correct is The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost only. There are many things in and of this world that do sparkle, and are shiny, yet it all is fool’s gold.

It keeps one’s minds on things of this earth here and now including thoughts of future, getting so busy thinking the things of this world are going to bring us peace, joy and righteousness, when in fact they do not.

Howard Hughes was one of the richest men in this world. Was he happy? No he was not; all the money did not fill the void in his heart. As a matter of fact he came to see that he had no friends at all. They all were after his money. No one loved him for him. Sad isn’t it. You see the shiny, fool’s gold. Do you now understand why no flesh in God’s sight will ever please God? People of the flesh can never please God ever, for All Sin was and is condemned to the flesh via the cross of Jesus Christ.

So while in adversity, live from above, knowing God will supply all your needs through you working for it via faith. Work hard to enter into his rest. Learn while you are at rest from belief you are at work more so than before when you were in the flesh, yet now with a joy In the Holy Ghost, a peace In him, a righteousness that is not yours it is his and the believers get to participate in this Joy, Peace and righteousness forever. So let us go above by belief and stay above, in him, so when others ask for your reason, you have an answer to those that ask and are seeking as well.

Best prayer I have ever known Thank you Lord, I know you know whatever my situation is, and I now know you will get me through it, it no longer matters how any more, for God you said you will provide, and truly in the midst of my blubber and whininess and mourning, I shall believe in you to see me through it all. So now I can rest in you and you alone


Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Has your own strength failed you? Whether you were trying to please others and or God. Look at

 1 Corinthians 13 the love Chapter without love we are as just clanging a symbol, without God we are nothing. Read the whole chapter. I know I cannot fill this type of love in and of myself. I failed at love is never proud, boastful and many of the rest of the definitions of God’s love.

But guess what? You can have all of this in the new covenant Hebrews 9:15-17. Even in

Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in Spirit; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

5:4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted

5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth

5:6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled

5:7Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy

5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God

5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God

5:10 Blessed are those that are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven

5:11 Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for the sake of Jesus.

5:12 Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in Heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets, which were before you.

Do you know that all these blessings are filled, complete in you the day you first asked for God to live in you? This has happened to all, in the NEW.

What is the NEW? It is the new covenant enacted the day that Christ yelled it is finished from John 19:30. Hebrews 9:15-17 is the description of the new covenant. That we are now under through belief and of the tribe of Judah a new priesthood. Released from the tribe of Levites under the law. For Jesus was from the tribe of Judah, and Moses the law from the tribe of Levites. So through the cross and resurrection of Christ we are under new laws and covenant, where we love instead of trying to obey, we just love unconditionally as we are already loved.

Under the new covenant all the B attitudes are full filled in the death, burial, and resurrection, and ascension of Christ Jesus


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


From the time we are born, the teachings begin, usually by age one we are being told what to do. Some of us are taught, while being told, some are just told. Some are just plain mistreated. A child’s life is like a piece of paper, everyone that child encounters leaves a mark to one degree or another.

The scars that are left on the child, are either, good or bad scars, which make up the mind of the child. For the controlling thoughts of the child actually control the child.

Are we taught we are to be perfect? Dot your “I”s and cross your “T”s

When we make mistakes are we harassed over them? Do you then learn out of spite to obey?

Do we learn that as long as we act as if we obey we can avoid troubles? Do we just obey, or pay our way just to avoid hardships? Is this wise?

Are the majority of people dishonest, not saying how they feel? Because they’re afraid of how they will speak. Afraid to hurt their neighbor we are taught to love our neighbor. So is not telling your neighbor honest? Remember cross your “T”s and dot your “I”s. We are to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.

How are you doing in that perfection category? I failed, and always from me trying to do what is right I fail, how about you? Want to give up?

I did, and now I cross my “I”s and drink my “T”s. This is from God’s vantage point. God the Father of Jesus Christ, (thanks be to Jesus Christ today) can live in you the failed Human being, yes you, who is not perfect. You see Jesus took all sin out of the way from his Fathers view point via the cross.

John the Baptist was a witness John 1:29. So today after Pentecost came; we all who believe get to receive the Holy Spirit of God the Father, and be led from within, where we also are born again of the Spirit of Christ. Ephesians 1:13 we are sealed after we believed with this Holy Spirit.

You see brothers, and sisters let’s get out of the way of God and God’s finished work. Start trusting God to do whatever work in us and through us that is needed from God’s vantage point. This is God’s will for you, you and me, and all if only they will come to belief, then they will rest. Hebrew 4:3 for us which have believed do enter into rest. Have you entered yet?

Hebrew 4:6 seeing therefore it remains that some must enter still to those that this was first preached did not enter because of UNBELIEF. It takes belief no doubt.

Read the whole chapter to stay in context and ask God for the revelation in meaning.

God wants us to rest in him and thank him for taking away all sin in his sight, (not ours) and ask him to live through us instead of hidden in us. A man does not put his lamp under a bed for no one to see, he puts the lamp on the lamp stand for all to see. Matthew 5:14-16.

Jesus is this lamp, and the lamp stand is our minds. So when we are saved by belief in Christ. We are to renew our minds, seeing things from God’s vantage point. From god’s vantage point through his Son:

You are Forgiven

You are saved

You are perfect, because of his son

You are free, because of God now will do the work in you and through you for you have put the lamp now on the lamp stand your soul, mind, will, and emotions

So go on now and continue to cross your “I”s and drink your “T”s, thanking God for everything, no longer viewing from the world’s side of things, seeing and seeking to see from God’s vantage point each and every day. Now do you see GOD loved you first through the Son Jesus Christ and sees you through his son as perfect forever and always? So walk In Jesus as Jesus in the Spirit of God the Father, hearing his voice and just love as your heavenly Father loves you, and thus you will love your neighbor as God has already loved you, Thus there is no law against these two laws. The law is filled in you through love God’s.

Love you all here reading this forever and always


Monday, May 21, 2012


What causes us to hide? Why did Adam and Eve hide? Was it fear? They were told if they ate from that certain tree they would die. And through today Man continues to hide. When man sins the first thing he does is hide. But not all hide, some do not care to hide. Some just tell the truth about how they feel. There seems to be a percentage of those that lie about what they think.

Ex: you are at a dinner on a Holiday, and you do not like a dish, you are asked if you like it? You say yes to please the person that cooked it, for you are to love your neighbor as yourself. Is this healthy? If you were the cook would you want to be lied to? So you start to tell the truth in all things whether you like something or not. Do you get ridiculed over it?

Have you gotten strange looks when you were honest? Does this cause us to hide, for we are or become a product of our environment around us? Do we want to be accepted that bad that we lie to others, and thus hide?

Are we free in this type of behavior? Okay you go through life pleasing everyone whether you lie about it or not. Does this do the other person (s) a favor or help you? What about when the other person(s) finds out you lied?

Okay so now you tell truth and the other(s) react badly to you for being honest. Just say would you rather I lie? Also when truth is brought to light what happens to the darkness? Yes it disappears. Each time you flip on a light switch, when the light lights the darkness has been overcome. This is the same way with one’s Spirit, if they hide the darkness keeps them trapped. If one confesses whether to another, God, a group, to whomever: it is as turning on a light switch and the darkness is overcome. Now in this experience it is a relief to get it out of one’s system whatever darkness that has been hiding, especially if it is bugging you. The problem today with confession to one another is one’s fear of others reactions. Will those that hear still be my friend(s)? You know what, those that hear your honesty, and rebuke you, deride you, and do not accept you, stay away from you, afterwards, or say things like they would never do that, are not friends. They talk about love with their lips, but their hearts are far from Love (God).

I think we all have experienced this type of behavior as well as might have done it ourselves. So let’s seek to see things from God’s vantage point and tell truth as truth is for I tell you the truth you are accepted (past tense) in the beloved.  It is wise to read each epistle all of it from beginning to end, if you are seeking the truth of God, and ask for the truth from God? I found when reading the whole book of Ephesians or Colossians, or any epistle the context gets revealed. So you get to know the mystery of the Gospel, you get set free and you just tell truth, you do not even think about it anymore you just do, for it is God doing it in you and through you. Freedom, whether you are homeless here or rich here far surpasses anything this world can offer. For love (freedom) is forever and this world is passing away, bye-bye, LOVE (GOD’s) goes on forever, all else will pass away if it has not already. So let’s just LOVE LOVE LOVE, all as unconditionally as we are from God through Christ. Let us show our appreciation to God by loving all others in the same way as God has (past tense) already loved us, God has forgiven us all, so let’s forgive all.

Yet understand this we are not doormats, so discern through God’s undeserved kindness when to give and when not to. For God who lives in you via belief in him from Christ’s finished work, knows who is who. So therefore you will know in love how far to let them in your personal life. For there are those that seek through deception to get into your personal life and steal, kill, and destroy you the believer, and take whatever they desire. So become as wise as a serpent, and as harmless as a dove.

Love you all into the truth of our loving Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, may his kindness be received by you all, unto a new man in God, where God does the loving through you, knowing in yourself there is no true love. It is all God so you can rest medicine I call this GOD-QUILL, not ny-quill.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is a great phenomenon a mystery since the beginning of time, after Adam and Eve were taken out of the Garden of Eden. Let’s take a look. First we go to Cain and Abel, Abel was able to please God and Cain was not. For God accepted Abel’s sacrifice and Cain’s was not accepted. Why?

Now God even went to Cain before Cain had killed Abel through jealousy. God said to Cain, (having Mercy) you know Cain you can try again, and be accepted. God thus said for God sees sin crouching at Cain’s door, he told Cain this, so God pleaded for Cain to see this. Yet Cain did not see this and killed Abel.

So what was Cain’s door that sin was crouching at? It was his thought process, that he was listening to terror, evil, have his way, forget God, God has not accepted you, because of Abel your brother, kill, kill, kill and then Abel will not be in the way. So Cain did this and thus read the rest of the story. Go to all other Stories and see the defeat of Samuel, David, Moses, Sampson, and all the rest of the Old Testament Saints.

 Old Testament heroes, all came to the end of the energy of their own flesh before they ever were able to be used by God in success of God. It took submission. Submission is the key word. We take thought, and whatever we think about we end up submitting to. Then through experiences we change thoughts to a different submission. Then again we keep changing our minds to new experiences, and continue on until we come to submission with God, knowing God is the only way to any satisfaction that is lasting. Discovering that God is the only one that can fill the void in ones heart. People can’t, gatherings can’t, and nothing in this world can. And somehow we keep going for this and going for that, usually wanting others to submit to our way of thinking. So here comes the saying let go let God. And yet all we can see is this world, and its bad things all around us. Worrying, complaining, and growing, happy then sad, then happy again. A continuous cycle, beating at each individual, trying to find peace, joy, and righteousness. And this can only be found in God. And God is a Spirit and can only be worshipped in Spirit and truth. So one can be reached truly in Spirit, the Spirit of truth only.

Friday, May 18, 2012




So we are born here in this world and learn things about this world. We get told truth and lies along with truth, having to discern error from truth, it seems forever seeking out truth, trying to be free from being in bondage to things we do not like in our self. So we are in battle every day, fighting something that we do not like, that we do. When we are mad at others I have found that when we tell others you are not to do that or this, that we are seeing ourselves doing exactly what we are telling others not to do. Because we want to quit being angered or lusting after things of this world. So our Souls reflect anger towards after submissions, when we find that we can’t submit to what we want to. I wonder if we might stop submission and just believe somehow God will reveal truth to us, and we then can be free like a butterfly that will never be a worm again after becoming that butterfly. The butterfly is free, there is no submission, and it can go anywhere anytime, for anything it wants. The butterfly has unconditional freedom. When one becomes born again, that one has become as the butterfly. Yet, here comes the world to try to put one back in submission along with religion. So the Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give your life abundance. So I say refrain from submission and do on your mission from God directly, and LOVE as you are LOVED unconditionally, enjoy life here and now abundantly thankful as a butterfly

Love God almighty

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Atonement is a reparation, a forgiveness executed upon asking for it, and might be received, given to or might not. I see this is how it was in the old testament, with sacrificing animals, shedding blood, following all rules as best as could and then once a year sacrifice another animal and shed its blood in order for one to be atoned for until the next year, and then again for (probably) the same sins as of the year before and maybe add a few that were not there a year prior. So this is atonement, and we today are atoning all the time asking for forgiveness wanting to be atoned for. We are constantly reminded of our sins, counting the crucifixion of Christ as folly, asking God for further forgiveness, when there is no more to be forgiven. John 19:30 It Is Finished. How many sins did Jesus die for? How many are left for you? All sins that are past are forgiven. How fast are sins past? How many are past? Once you realize you are forgiven then you can join Christ at the death at the cross in the spirit, and if you die like Christ at the cross, then you will be raised like Christ in the resurrection. Of the Spirit of God and for the Spirit of God you will walk as God, wait a minute, not you but God through you will walk you in perfect harmony with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. You will be the old you dead, now alive in the spirit of God resting from any of your works as God did his on the seventh day, because of your belief in God and God alone. Now you will do works but they are not yours and you will do peace, joy and righteousness, these are the Holy Ghost that leads one to all truth, truth that sets you free

The iron strikes again setting all free that believe

CHRIST has atoned it is done you are forgiven complete in him.  homwardbound

John 5:39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. That is Jesus Christ.

The religious leaders of that day did not train Jesus. They were from the tribe of Levi. Jesus was from the Tribe of Judah. There was a conflict between them. Jesus told them of their hypocrisy, their lusts, their anger behind closed doors, and right in front of the laymen, Jesus exposed them as they are. He called them Vipers. They were acting all pious, better than others, yet they were ravenous wolves. The chosen ones of God so they thought, Abrahams children. What they told others to do they did not do themselves. They were actors, fakers, not realistic, not loving unless you held them with great esteem. Hung on their every word, for they only loved those that would agree with them.

So what is going on today? How can anyone of us call ourselves a Christian (a believer), and eschew others, hating Gays, druggies, drunks, screaming out at them, or even other religions, actually anyone. I think Jesus said it best when he said. How, oh man are you any different than the unbeliever, if you only love those that love you? Do not even the publicans (unbelievers) do that? Matthew 5:45-48. In fact read all of Matthew 5, 6, 7 especially Matthew 6:9-15. The Lord’s Prayer, so how are you doing? Are you seeing your own condemnation here? You are being shown from Jesus that you cannot obey the law that this type of behavior is impossible to attain. You cannot obey the law. Do you hear this Matthew 6:12 and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Then Matthew 6:14 for if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Pretty stringent, can you do this? Forgive all that have done you wrong, because according to this God will not forgive you unless you forgive. Read on through Matthew and see your own depravity. See that you can do nothing to get into heaven on your behalf ever. There are many instructions from Jesus for you to do if you do, and told do not do this or that. This whole scenario of Jesus was teaching under the Law of Moses, which is to show us our own inability to obey law. For all this law ever did and does is point out our failures. The law by itself is Holy, Just and good, but no mere man could ever complete it, fulfill it, except Jesus Christ. And that is what Christ came to do was to fulfill the law of old to bring in a new covenant, a mercy one that has been since the beginning and told to Abraham, that Abraham’s faith was and is counted for righteousness. For Abraham believed God. Do you believe God or man? And man’s ways that tear up people, through acting as if they are the oracles of God? You see no one is righteousness no not one. So after a while of hearing Jesus talk about law, you will stop in your tracks, being shown your inability to obey the law, for if one is trying to do this, the requirement  is the whole law, perfection and no one could ever complete it, the Jews couldn’t, what makes you think you can? Even if we attempt to use Jesus to help us to complete the law, seeing he did it we still can’t complete it at all ever. For he did it for you, so you do not have to, for it is done by him for you. So rejoice in this. So the disciples after finally hearing about the rich man, who said he had obeyed all the law from birth, Jesus answered then go and sell all (for he was wealthy)  and come follow him. Then man walked away sad, for he could not give up his riches. Story is in Matthew 19:16-26 verse 25 When his disciples heard this they were exceedingly amazed, saying who then can be saved. They had heard all Jesus was and had said. They came to the end of themselves and straight away asked well then who can be saved, they saw no way for them to be saved. Do you see a way or the only way?  Only way is; Christ alone no law to do. Law is completed in him thus through belief completed in you. Therefore you are freed to love as you just saw you are loved.

I love this answer Jesus gave to them, and this is to you as well brother, or sister. Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them and said unto them WITH MEN THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. Do you hear this people? But WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. So what is your verdict you all? Are you going to keep striving to do, deciding whether you are doing it right or wrong? Are you going to stay under commandments? Striving to please others by what you are doing or not doing. All this type of life does under any law to self or others, is binds them, destroys you and or them. No love is there? This is what Jesus was showing the people, and you and me. That we need a new way a way that we can obey and that is through loving all. So that means we would have to become dead to law, and alive to love, no matter what others are doing or not doing. It’s through love, that a man changes his mind, not law. When one loves then he is filling the law. But how can one love, with all the terrible things that go on here and now? Through receiving the love of Christ, thus the love of God his Father, through receiving the Spirit of truth that shows you that there is a new covenant in place. One of Love and Mercy for Mercy is Love. Read it Hebrews chapter 9 through 10. The believer that sees that they are forgiven past tense before they were ever born back at the cross, and thus dies to the law (self) gets raised back to life in the likeness of Christ, led by the Spirit of God (truth). No more law to jail you, only love to love you, and thus you pour that same love on everyone else. Love you all


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Where am I going? How am I going to get there? What can I believe in? Who can I trust? What can I trust? Since I am here in this world and I am going to die as I see the rest have what is the purpose since I will die like all the rest?

Good questions and you might even have more. So we all see tangible items in and of this world, things that man has made, yet all that man has made has been made out of this earth. All resources for metal, steel, iron, gasoline, and all else is from this earth period. Man has even discovered that energy is a part of this earth, that it is just earth, and all around us. So man came up with the 1st law of thermal dynamics: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Did you hear this GOD cannot be created nor destroyed; the creator of all is just like energy is it is just here and always will be here. So man accepted this as a truth and has been using energy to create things from this energy that is always here. We have cordless devices all over the place. God has given everyone free will because God loves us all. No free will we would be puppets and the claim of God loves you could not be claimed (man is the one that does not love unless you agree with him). God is this Energy, of love that we all can use to our gain and for our pleasure. Now some have used this energy for their selfishness and others for our freedom in Christ that all that believe do have, it is a law of liberty, so you can have back the free choice that was taken away in the garden when Adam and Eve ate of that tree that killed their Spirit, separating them from God, being as if they were God, for they became as God except they chose their own way instead of God’s way of us to be dependent on God fully and securely. And thus failure after failure took place. Now God remained merciful from day one. He clothed Adam and Eve through Mercy he covered them. God did not have to do this, can you hear God saying I still love you, and now you have to learn and I will bring you back to me to depend on me (God) in and through time, for he said I will put enmity between the woman’s seed and the seed they ate of. Which is what geared them toward error no matter how hard they tried to do good, they just could not even please each other after the fall and out tilling the ground for themselves, now they had to set up their own garden being kicked out of the garden that was already full of milk and honey, and when they were in the garden all they had to do (by instinct) was maintain it with joy in their hearts.

Well even though we as men and women tried to and try to this day to do what is right from our own flesh and blood we can’t, not completely, and we today accept this and never attain perfection as what really is required, which is what the law shows us that we can’t. Now when it shows we can’t, we accept this and still yet keep on trying anyway to please others and God by what we are trying to do. Thus when we fail we go to God and ask for further forgiveness thinking we are now good again. Then we stand back up and try again only to fail again and again and again until we come to the end of the energy of our own flesh. You see Brothers and Sisters, God wants to show you a better way,  under a new covenant, where God is not judging you any longer, where God through his Son from your belief through the cross where he took away the sin of the world in God’s Spirit, so that through your belief in this he could send you the Holy Spirit of truth, sealed in you to bring to you all truth that he has made you Holy and forever righteous in him (God) through Christ bringing in you a new covenant, where all you need to do is trust in him to do in you what you can’t do in yourself and have found this out through trying to obey the law any law that man put in front of you. You are no longer alive to this world and its ordinances; you are now recreated in Christ Jesus through belief in what Christ said in John 19:30 IT IS FINISHED!

There is no way possible for God to live in you and through you unless God past tense through Christ already made you perfect the day you first believed. God who knows no sin cannot see sin, and Christ took this out of the way via the cross you receive you are forgiven, thus you receive a new recreated life in the Spirit of God. Now once you receive this you go as you are led by the spirit of truth and be ready to give an account for your joy, peace and righteousness in this Holy Ghost of promise. Then you are the one that passes this onto the sick as well as the ones that think they are well, when they are walking well in their own flesh, thus they are deceived and not seeing the standard of perfection is still the standard. For they use they are forgiven as an excuse for the flesh, and continue on in the energy of their own flesh trying to be righteous and never can attain perfection in and of themselves, because they will not give up on trying to obey, (stubborn flesh) they will not surrender to God. But you when one does this truly from themselves then and only then will that one find perfection in them from Christ and see that through Christ and Christ only they are made perfect in God forever and there is no more work to be done from themselves. Glory halleluiah!!!!! God has done this for you. Read Galatians 3 all of it for yourself to see die to yourself in Christ and see it is God that through God; God has made you perfect in God because you believe. It is all God and only through Faith you are complete in him, no more chasing and thinking you have to do this or that and if you do not do this or that, that is all taken away and you are forever praising his Glory back to the first love you had when you accepted this risen Savior. Remember that when you first loved Christ for what Christ past tense hath done for you. What happened, you were elated made perfect by God through your belief are you made better through the flesh, you need this or that, who has bewitched you.

Receive this bread the bread of life and eat of it, drink this wine as a remembrance of this new covenant. Where we do not focus on the old that if we are doing right or wrong. The focus is on what Christ has done, so we can go onto the newness of life, being free to do what is right period in Christ forever and always. Christ came in due time to save the lost. He said it many times when accused of hanging around the worst sort of sinners. It is the sick that need a Doctor. Christ is the doctor for all of us to trust in to do in us what we cannot do in ourselves and that is LOVE to all

Homwardbound I am one in Christ raised now in the Spirit as it is with all that believe. Be raised in the spirit from this day forward, thank you


Mark 9:43-49. After you read these verses you see, that for salvation you must do this if you sin. Gouge out your eye, cut off your hand. Better part of you go to heaven than all of you to enter hell. So this way to salvation I see as impossible, what about you? Well This kind of preaching was and has been used as scaring people into salvation, seeking God out of fear. And you must obey the law, dressing up the law today as if you will have Spiritual satisfaction. NOT!

The truth of this is the Jews, the first chosen of God, had received a law covenant with God from Moses. After they were released from 430 years of slavery to Egypt. Moses was the vessel that God chose to use, and Moses did all God told him to do, but Moses had his flaws to.

Now this was a miraculous event for the Hebrew people, known also as Jews, and Israelites. Here they were now delivered from bondage and homeless in the wilderness. Soon in the wilderness, they start to complain, being uncomfortable, not really any food, hardly any water, Moses has left them, the one they saw do all the miracles, he went up into Mount Sinai to receive further instructions from God (the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob). Moses was gone for a long time; Moses received instructions from God, The Ten Commandments. The people when Moses came back down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, he found the people playing, hurting one another, they were definitely lost. So then they were made to wander forty years in the desert until that generation past away, because of their sin. And the new generation could go into the promised land of milk and honey. Which Moses never entered either because of his sin.

You see now, the Hebrew people, conquered the land of milk and honey, took up their place in that land, now known as Israel.

Okay, all of Israel got set up on God’s edict of the Law. Sacrifices, slaughtering innocent animals shedding their blood in place of your blood for your sins to be remitted and try all over again to not sin. But every year you would be reminded of your sin you did, and would have to get your sins you committed forgiven through a sacrificial sacrifice (slaughter) of an animal, shedding that animals blood to transfer your sins from you to that animal, bulls and goats was a common animal sacrifice. This went on so continuous, that the priests of that day were taking advantage of the people and making a living off of their sins, using God as a tyrant, God will get you, if you do not do this or that, you do want to go to Heaven don’t you? So the people where paying their tithes and sacrificing animals, shedding their blood constantly, for further forgiveness of their sins. This was the Levitical Priesthood that was in charge of the people’s failures to keep them right with God through these atonement sacrifices. The Law was showing these people their inabilities to be perfect, and their conscience could never be purged from sin. This is what they kept trying to avoid is sin (which is good) that they would want to attain this, yet they never could, but they kept trying to attain the law and they just could not get it all right. EX: it was like trying to hold ten ping pong balls under water at the same time with their hands. They would get nine down, feeling real good about themselves go for the tenth and five other balls would pop up behind them. Failure again and go to atonement and get these sins forgiven over and over again. Now the Levites, the priests of that day, really had it going on, feeling Holy and all, controlling the people, hurting the other tribes that were in bondage to them, for the were the oracles of God. Evicting widows from their homes, instructors of the Law blind guides using the people for their own gain, sacrificing, and God above any of their sacrifices wanted MERCY and they had none for the people of God. And in the law here, the other 11 tribes had to give tithes ten percent to the Levite tribe of their belongings of what that tribe did for a living.

So you all, does this sound familiar today with all our sects, religions, church set ups, go there and get forgiven, oh yeah and pay your tithes, offerings, through your feeling guilty, and God might or should bless you, because you are so kind and loving now? It sounds to me as if we are being fooled again, taken advantage of over our sins that we have committed or might commit.

You decide you are free to seek out truth, so please people seek out truth. Is this the way it is to be today under the rule of pastors, deacons, with swelling words of deceit in their tongues, getting you to follow the ten commandments and adding to you need to be here on Sunday, or whatever day they have set as the time appointed, controlling you, taking away your freedom by coercion, For Jesus loves you and wants you to obey. And if you sin you can go to prayer and ask for further forgiveness, and God will grant it. So you if you have got caught up in this type of foolishness today and are strong on this. Tell me what is different today between you asking for more forgiveness and when the Jews sacrificed animals for further forgiveness?

So are we under the law of the Levites today? It was given to the Jews not us. But our society has gone over there and grabbed onto their sacrificial system without any more sacrifices or any more shedding of blood, and are continuously asking God to forgive us over and over again. Yet God said there is no more sacrificial system at all. And has (past tense) forgiven the entire whole world their sins, John 1:29, John 19:30  it is finished, Hebrews 9:15-17 God through Christ did this once and for all. But now is waiting for you, me and anyone else to believe in him, seeking life everlasting, trusting Him (God that is) not man seeing the new covenant that was put in place at the death of Jesus Christ Hebrews 9:15-17 and in reading further on in Hebrews seeing that there is no more forgiveness for sin and the sin issue is over once you believe, and you die to the law (that is as in you trying to obey it) you come alive to God through the operation of God. God places you in the death of his Son at the cross and then brings you back to life as he did his son, thus you are here on earth as an ambassador representing the joy, the peace, the righteousness that you have (not yours) in the Holy Ghost, and this sheds abroad in and from your heart spilling over onto the people, thus they receive and it keeps going until the enemy is put completely under the feet of Christ.

Want to be in bondage as you see a lot of people are, then you do your best to obey the law and see your failure so you can come to the energy of your own flesh, and thus die to your own flesh unto Christ as your savior in God the Father of all. And become alive in the spirit of Christ. Then every day awaken to being alive in the spirit of truth.

Okay, notice this People we call Jesus our priest. This is good, but what is he the priest of? Not the Levites or the law. For the law states that only priests come from the Levites tribe period.

So did Jesus come from the Levite tribe?  No, Jesus was from the tribe of Judah. So if you call him Savior, a priest forever you are no longer under the Levite tribe of law, you are under the liberty of faith in the order of Melchezidek Hebrews chapter 7. You are and now have God’s laws not law, written on your heart and this is Love on and in both laws First you loving God for God loved you first even while you were yet an unbeliever in God seen as a sinner, he loved you anyway and before you were ever born, Christ his son did this for you, how can you not love back, when you see this you are no longer a sinner in God’s spirit. So therefore you automatically love all and forgive all, because this is already done for you. You have been shown Mercy so it is not a burden to show Mercy, nor a burden to forgive for you are already forgiven. So receive this and just be you, who God made you to be. AMEN

Homeward bound

Monday, May 14, 2012


When we are born here in this world, this is what takes place all the way to run. But how do we fly, we are not birds?

Well first born of the flesh and blood, then born again of the Spirit unto God the Father through Christ’s finished work of filling the law, sending us the Holy Spirit of truth that testifies of God the Father and God the Son.

So let’s see you are in an airplane, the Pilot is God, the co-pilot is Jesus, and the stewardess is the Holy Ghost serving you the believer. Now we are sitting in this plane flying all over the place enjoying whatever drink you have desired and looking around at the other passengers that are flying with you, enjoying this new life, not noticing anything except this new life in Christ. But here is what happens to us brothers and sister we take notice out the airplanes window and see way down below a speck of the world and start to desire to go down there and live, even though we already have all we need for life and Godliness in the plane. So one of us or a few of us take thought of this and boom we jump out the door of the airplane, and are on our way to earth to go splat, realizing we have no parachute, thus in a turmoil, stress, worry, start sinning from taking thought of I am not going to make it. You yell out for God, God reaches down and puts you back to safety in the plane. Yet we tend to jump out of this plane again and again.

So if you wish to stop this craziness, find out where this problem comes from and thus you will not excite this to happen anymore.

Die to the commandments, all and come alive to God.

There was a monument bldg. that had a problem with the roofs base, it was rotting out. So the natural thing to do was to fix it, yet the same thing would occur over and over again. (See this in your walk with trying to get God to help you?)

So we had to find the reason for this (as we will find) well the roof was being watered too much. ( I am sinning too much)

So why was the roof being watered too much? Because birds where pooping there a lot? ( under the law I am under the curse of it) So why where they there pooping so much?  (Because of my sin) They came there to eat the gnats that were gathered there? (I am attracted to the law)

Why were the gnats gathered there? Because they were attracted to the monument lights. ( what I thought was the light, was the law, but it deceived me, therefore I am caught in sin, and this law shows me my inability to obey it)

So the solution was move the light to coming on at night to ten minutes later. No lights any longer at the time that was appointed and the gnats left, the birds left and the pooping left, thus no watering too much. Problem solved.

So you see leave the law behind, no more law no more sin in Christ, for now you are too busy praising him for what he has done in you, through dying to the law, the attraction of sin is gone.

Loving you all as Christ loves you homwardbound

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