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Depression's grip

Depression’s grip


All I see is the way we all were designed; our mind's emotions predictably respond to what a person thinks about the most. So if stinking thinking is got a hold of me and it has in the past, I found myself most miserable, and could not change the way I feel, no matter how hard I tried. As a matter of fact all it did was get worse whenever I tried to not feel that way.

 So I found out to trust what God has done (past tense) and this set me free in God. Yet around the corner comes the next tragedy, to try and stop me from being a joyful Soul. How many of us all have experienced this?

 Now I found recently to this day, that all the enemy can ever do is use my emotions to de-rail me, does this by finding out what I like and adhere to on this earth, and use this to put me in harm’s way, which gets meat least upset, any of you all.

2 Corinthians 10:4 (for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds


 The thought process of the mind is where the battle is, no matter what happens here in this world. How one feels about what ever has happened to them is the result of their own emotion(s) controlling them in that feeling of despair. Ever been there or are there a lot?

 The only first thing I found is to accept what is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!. No accept no get over the past!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Been shot, stabbed, choked to die, face and head bashed in, broken jaw top and bottom, lost all teeth, 4 immediate family deaths first started at my age 14. Was an alcoholic did drugs, abused in service boot camp severely, and the last one was foreigners Gangrene.

 Lost parts

 What does not kill a person can eventually get one to grow strong in God, if one will not stop to want to know God over this world; that is not of God. Many people though are of God and many are not.

 Regardless, the only way one truly gets past and actually over them is to start with "ACCEPTANCE". Not shove it under the carpet and forget about it, and move on. Why? Because it is always there ready to jump out at you and de-rail you in an instant. Ever gone off angry and not know why? Could it be these unsolved issues? waiting in hidden emotion to all of a sudden get angry with no apparent reason? Ever had that happen? and not understand why?

 Past is past and it can't be changed can it? Paul says past is gone and moves on forward towards the mark of Christ.

 Yet it can and does hang around as a residual, for thoughts to come up against others in protection for the self over past issues that were not good for us as we see it anyway.


 Whether what has happened either good or bad "It is what it is" A quote I learned from Dr. Edelman, hope I spelled that right. That is the start to acceptance, then one can use whatever it is that they have left to use for the best as Helen Keller did, and many others that got through there tragedies and moved on to make the best out of what they got.


 Another thing to think on, it is not a matter of whether we like what has happened to us or not. To think like that; not like; creates more negative emotions that de-rail us as to who we really are, and that is a wonderful person in God made by God through Son's resurrection in the Spirit of God dead to this world and flesh emotion negativity, alive in love to truthfully love all as God does love us all. Or why would God have ever sacrificed his Son, Jesus for us. Surely Christ never needed to go the cross for himself, did he? See the depth here of God’s type of love. God never needed to do what God did, unless it was for us.

Now is that not Love?


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