Sunday, February 22, 2015


Did you know that - seen from God's perspective - you do not possess an "old self" that has to be defeated and crucified? The old, sinful self is dead forever! He can never rise from the grave again! The cross of Calvary has changed everything forever! The cross was/is a resounding success! Romans 6 is your death certificate of the old sinful man/nature, thanks to Father and Son only, today is the day to begin responding if one has not yet, I pray so as father is the one to reveal this to us, not anyone else, we can only get seeds from others that can be planted by us believing them and not being set free or being set free if we take all we hear t god and trust God to sort out truth from error that sets us free in the liberty of Love and Mercy he gives us shown to  us by Son’s done work for us to be as dead to the Old self as he says is so by Son’s death first and then made new by Son’s risen life in Spirit and truth for us to walk by Faith as he walked when here on earth


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