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Forgiven done is it or is there more to get from God,


For me to be clear to all and share this armor of God's is neither mine nor yours. It does not say it is yours. It says to partake in his righteousness and put on his Armor he has for you to wear in protection of. (Eph. 6 tells us this.)

Now if I am trying to be right, then I am trying to put on the armor of God myself and not from Trust (Faith) as we are called to be well by Son 100% of the time. On this wise for a moment please, see the great Zeal that has squashed out receiving the righteousness from God? This  I remember taking on and falling many times, standing back up and striving all over again, thinking I am going to get it right next time, in this process  I was convinced I had to get God to forgive me over and over again. until one day I heard this (God stating to me) I am not coming back ever to die all over again for your sins or anyone else's, I did that once for you and all person’s  here in this world, once all the way back to Adam and forward to this day, that is done, you are forgiven, and this stays active forward forever, for you and all, I am in patience waiting for belief to take hold, so I can hold you up. Your doubt riding the fence back and forth is what causes you to stumble as did all those in the First testament from me to all, and here as well today still happening because people do not see to just trust me as my Son showed all so well, that I God made Christ king  of you all to see what he did that pleased me. And that was Faith in me, that he never turned right or left unless I said to do so. This today by his being risen back to life by me, uis for you today to do the same, only by believing me, get it?

I said what, I am hearing this, and not understanding this completely, and heard it again you are forgiven, whether you sin or not, it is done, taken care of by Son, Yeshua, Jesus Christ for you, and by this you are free to walk as he did, by Faith alone in me his Father, your Father now, because of his done work for you and all people in this world today, yesterday and forever.

I then said well then if I sin again, as I have been and probably will what should I do then after I sin, since there is no more forgiveness for me to get from you?

 And God said say Thank you and continue to appreciate this and trust me to turn around everything in your favor to be content in everything, whether rich or poor here on earth, for by me through my Son, Jesus you got everything you need for life and Godliness from me. Do you trust me to supply every need for you to be? I am not saying do not work for your living here. I am saying I am showing you how to not complain and be thankful to me for giving you everything you need, even if you see you homeless, can you praise me in spite of? Many that is, are thankful to me in this; many;  take a walk with the homeless and see, you might be amazed at what you find out in my Love that they see that you think you see and do not.

Well then Lord thank you for telling me this, so then when I sin if I sin, what do I do with it, since I am forgiven forever even if I do sin, for I do not wish to take this for granted and sin?

Yes, Howard, and all listening carefully please, those with Spiritual ears from me, here closely I by Son have made you righteous Holy that part is done by son Col. 1:22 see this to come to me Father, Yeweh of Yeshua to give you the new life I and son have for you in Spirit and truth of me Yeweh for you by belief, (faith in this done work for you)


Because you can't on your own, ever since Adam took part in the tree that I told him not to eat from, that if he did, he would die and so would all the offspring from him So first Adam could not be perfect and all after him but one the second Adam was and is, Christ one with Father as Son for you, by me  alone are you made perfect, read it Col. 1:21-23

So quit trying to stop sin, which is what continues to produce sin in you is by which keeps you in sin that you hate so much and if you accomplish to not sin then you are set up for being self –righteous, as this is exactly how the enemy deceives and has much of this world to this day in us all. We believe and thus get busy at work and walk away from that first love we got when we first believed as God calls us all back to see this in Revelations 2, please read and see this too?

Get it, see I (GOD) do not want you to try to stop sinning, because by one whoever continues to try to and can't stop, can’t see clearly as to what I did for them without any works, I through Son did it all for you and all. So the only way to be perfect is by my Son through his death for you, by this alone you are made perfect in me Father telling you this. In my son you are reckoned from me, as perfect and is how I see you, through my Son for you. Can you now rejoice over what I have done for you, and are you going to quit trying to do what you see you can’t do and just trust me to do it for you?

When you agree with me, God speaking to you, that I by my Son forgave you, then you are ready to see the new life I freely give you. Are you ready, are you forgiven 100% of the time?

So from this, what I learned is this, as I sinned and sin I did, I started this, when I sinned again, in place of asking for more forgiveness,  I started my confession differently than what I was taught by this world's Churches in interpreting, it was in reality the interpretation I got from this world, whether it was meant this way or not, is not the issue, it is what I heard as true and tagged onto, that messed me up from the truth. So no blame to anyone here on earth, I am personally responsible to see truth from error that is rampant here in this world today all around us, so no one is to blame at all for my mistakes in not seeing truth over error.

I said to God way back, Father, I want to say to you Thank you that I am forgiven complete and in what I just thought and reacted on was not the new me that you by Son made me.

Will you please teach me where I stepped in the _______________ and not walked in Faith that is truth of you, shown to us by Son?

And Father replied it will be a long road, but yes, you have many bad habits taught to you, by this world and its ways in trying to be righteous and never can of itself ever be. Now that you are in agreement with me that by my Son you are forgiven, now you are ready to be taught, Yes I said and it has been years in renewing my mind to see from Father's perspective and not mine or this world's either. Many troubles have stepped out in the new pathway shown to me here by God to remain in, that has tried to stop me from standing in this Faith and maybe you reading here to, only you know, I am just sharing this long walk off of a short pier I have been on now for 46 years, and am 58 years here on earth now. Yet I have stood anyway and will continue to do so, as God is my savior and not mankind as in this world is, I was and see so differently now, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Am technically homeless and am glorying now in it, seeing I am smothered and covered in what many self-righteous people hate, I call this greasy grace and I slid right into Heaven’s home plate and God the ump declared me safe, what a freedom from Law od stress and strife this gave me. And so today I do these Laws of Love freely in response to God in thankfulness and praise.

The new life starts with the agreement between God and you by Son’s done work for you, you are forgiven 100% complete in him, and the new life in Father from Son teaches one to live this way in appreciating and thus begins to unfold is the new walk of Faith alone and one comes to maturity in this and sees by Faith alone in Father and Son one walks perfect as Son did before us when here on earth our example to do so by Faith alone as he did say this to us in scripture for us to be free as he is, and  we see to take no credit to self for doing so, walking perfectly as he did, done through us by Faith alone in the done work and risen Son for us to be able to.

So Remain as a Child to Father and Son in being ripe with Father and Son for others to see truth over error as well, I plead for you to breakthrough as God will show you if you decide to give up and trust God to show you, you will be shown this, and it might take a long time, are you willing to?

So if you reading here, have been trying hard to get to know God and have been busy to stop that anger that so easily besets you at home behind closed doors to your family and are asking God how to overcome this and have not been able to, yet really do want to in sincerity, God knows this and is trying to tell you how as explained here in this message to you.

God tells you by Son, you believe and you continue to believe no matter what and watch what happens over time, you will have troubles, maybe have already yes in trying to stop sin as has been difficult as God is waiting for you to see truth you can’t, not even with asking for help. God desires for you to see to give up and just let go and trust him as if you just jumped off a cliff that you see no bottom to land on, that you are afraid of that if you did jump off, you would be left to uncontrollable circumstances. Guess what when you do jump, you will see God is real in this fall you are afraid of, why do I say this, because God catches you as you are in this fall in the palm of his hand to lead you. So are you willing to wait this out and see this truth that could take many years to see through all the way? For the enemy hates this truth and does not want you to see this, and will do everything possible to stop you from breaking through to God’s loving side. This enemy is spent in never stopping his deception of the Human nature he got control of at the fall of Adam and Eve of, and is why born again now of God is the most important of any and all to receive, and this new life is in Spirit and truth of Father by the risen Christ for you given you by Father in the risen Christ

God gives freely, we react in thanksgiving and praise, we do not do to get anymore, so check with God and you to see if you are doing to get, or if you are doing because you got, which is the difference of this world here and God who came here to save you from here, as you are still here in this world, seeing this you see you are no longer of this world. So trust god to show you this, in time as God matures you;   you will see this

Thank you much in listening here to see the freedom God does freely give you to respond to

We are the creation not the creators, so to me what makes sense is to respond to God the creator and do as he made me to be. Love all not a few in the same Mercy, Love and Truth he gave me and will give you, just believe and stand firm in this belief, no matter what comes along against you. It is worth it, and not for any gain here on earth, as in riches and things of this sort, nope it is for eternal life in Father and Son, thank you for reading this and hearing what God has to say about his Love and Mercy for you as well as all


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