Saturday, February 7, 2015

Law or grace, both or only one can suceed

Under Law or grace, can it be both, or will God finally show us that it is grace alone from him  to us?

Thank you Sister much to bring this up. I see this, from my view in the grace room. This statement made from Christ about if one does not forgive, then our Heavenly Father won't forgive us. NOTE: that was stated before the cross took place, where we are forgiven. So seeing this to forgive to be forgiven was before the cross. So what now after the cross where we are forgiven? How about this as one sees they are forgiven is exactly how deep one will forgive correct? So if you see you are 100% forgiven forever, how would you forgive anyone that does you wrong, seeing you as 100% forgiven by the Almighty God ? Me I forgive because I am forgiven, I love because I am loved as simple natural response in what one knows to be true for them and will treat others the exact same way they view they are loved and forgiven and no deeper than what they believe God to be as are forgiven for all or not. So what I am saying is there is a befotre the cross and after the cross. Before the cross under Law that reveals our curse in this natural birth we were first born in here on earth. Christ did an excellent Job in revealing this to us all, just read the part if you want to go to Heaven under the Law, this is what is required, whatever body part of you that has sinned is guilty and need be cut off, better for part of you to go to Heaven than for all of you to go to Hell. you know the Disciples heard this and then when in Matt 19, they watched that rich man walk away sad, for he could not give up the riches he had, and it is not like if he could have that God would have taken it all away. That is when the Disciples saw, no way under Law or anything they could ever do, would they be able to enter into Heaven, perplexed they Asked Christ, how can anyone get into Heaven I see now it is impossible fro us or anyone to get into, unless by the time they die all their body parts are cut off, my tongue to, I would have to enter as a torso. So all you are doing here today, what is it's purpose and how can we enter into? Answer Christ. gave, "With Man it is impossible" are we listening? I hope and pray so. then he says "BUT" I love this word in his response to the ? of how? BUT, it is as if a billy goat just BUTTED in and said this going past man'a efforts any of them and all his excuses fro and why and how's man has all the time. To "BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE PIOSSIBLE" So what was he referring to at that time? Was it the cross that he was headed for? Yes and so now we live after the cross in the reconciliation message given to us, that we are redeemed in Spiirt of God, not in or of that pesky flesh that brings forth stress and no rest. Thank you much in prompting this to be said Carolyn, Amazing grace so true the truth is from God and not man

Homwardbound, in response to the question of before the cross what was required and after what is required now today, and really what has always been required in the sense of God’s complete love for us all, thank you much

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