Friday, February 20, 2015

real truth to be heard from Father and son IMOP

From a dear Sister truthfully in Christ amen to her


Being One doesn't mean you and I agree on everything or even most things or even anything. It doesn't mean we think alike or perceive things the same way or that we process information the same way. Being One doesn't mean we look alike or act alike. While we may have similar views or the same color hair or whatever - none of that makes us One. What makes us one is sharing the same Breath, the same Source, the same substance all life is made of and is held together by. Whatever differences we have are "nothing" compared to the "eternal" Breath we have in common. The "goal" isn't for everyone to act exactly alike and agree on all things - but to learn to care about one another even though we don't think alike. We are all unique by design. Just about every atrocity that takes place is due to someone thinking their "uniqueness" is superior.

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