Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stress comes from percieved threat(s)

Stress is unrest, that is created from stinking thinking that brings in anger that steals, kills and destroys one, anyone that takes an unrestful thought in the perception of a threat (s), whether real or not, starts one feelings of fight or flight attitude to not have what one perceives as coming to happen to them either again or for the first time in perception of that one thought one heard in their mindset of not wanting any troubles ever for that is pain that this body hates, that we are in each individually so.
And Personally I see this world in trouble that needs healing for all to in truth start truly loving one another here on earth, even if another doe snot agree with the other.
Agreeing to disagree is healthy for all. Then I bet we can communicate and not force anything on anyone as organized anything ETC. (Religion, Games, Recreation, Mind and Body Secular classes) does this to us all from first birth in this world onward
Where as in growing up, one day we had to face punishment for not behaving as told to, Confrontation with Authority, began the steal, kill and destroy one attitude in the Baby, at around two years of age, when for the first time he/she gets his/her hand slapped in to obey what that person says to do or not, whether good or bad, matters not
Everyone responds to this confrontation to Authority differently, some the same yet not one person individually exactly ever, as like no fingerprint matches anyone else
So we all make decisions to how to respond in our lives to hurt sham and glory, do we not????/
So as we are traveling this world, we all search for Beauty in all this tragedy we are exposed to, and yet the whole entire time this beauty beyond words in hidden in you personally by a supreme being that does just love you and will free you if one stops looking the world over the beauty that is in truth inside you.

For me this be the risen Son of the Loving Father of Son, The Christ that walked this earth for to do in each of us what I just said here in truth and this be what has now freed me, in never giving up to see through all the tragedy I have been through to see what true peace is while in the midst of adversity.
I so am doing nothing but sharing with you and all person whether believe what I believe or not, for you to go, inside you and see truth in you, for you to see this beauty that got hidden in you once you became an Adult, and the troubles of this world started to take its toll on you to stop you from being at peace in yourself as you are and are too busy, maybe looking outside at others to gain what they appear to have, and I bet are at angst also,  just not showing this, hiding their troubles and appearing got it all together, which attracts others to them to be their leader when we all, are Equals here on earth to begin with especially at first birth, even if born deformed according to others.
There is not one person better than another, yep not one.
Thank you as God leads, the Father of the risen Son not me, as this be who is inside for me to be at peace deeper that ever have been as had to go through death first as did over three years ago now
Love you all

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