Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Do you believe

Then as Jesus said to that Woman that was about to be stoned to death by the religious leaders for sin, committed Adultery and Jesus said go ahead if any of you are without sin go ahead.

And they threw down their stones, as being convicted of not being perfect as is required of Father is perfection for salvation. Then Jesus walks up to her as she was in remorse and fear of death as all are in fear of death and so try to behave; not wanting to die when all do anyway.

And Jesus says to her, and neither do I convict thee go and sin no more!

What does that mean broken down Go and sin no more

What is easier to say, Go and have compassion and harm no one anymore as I just had compassion on you, you doing this in thanksgiving and praise to God for forgiving you completely

Belief to the risen Son that Father did this for us to believe in and be saved is key to the door that God has opened for you to enter into, by belief to Son is risen by him for you to go into free of charge ever

Revelations 3:8 behold I place an open door before thee that no man can close, because you remain in trust to me, and do not deny The Christ as your High Priest leading thee, you are willing
Thank you here is the Jesus that is risen, so now enter in Spirit and truth of me, Father of Son who reconciled you through Son's dome work for you


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tagged a Believer in the Father and Son with the Holy Spirit of God to lead at age 12. Went wayward and still go wayward, and know at this present day form all I have done and gone through
GOD JUST LOVE YOU, ME AND ALL PEOPLE, if only one will plain and simply not stop believing and or thinking because of what one has done, God takes Pepto- Bismal on you, when it is people that do that not God

So anyone I ever harmed I have done my best to find and apologize to. Go forth putting what is behind me now behind me and move forward with what I have learned from not loving others in truth of God's love for us all through Son 

Just so you know this stop, be still and know GOD does just love you through Jesus Christ the Son that took away the sin of the world first in his death to give you life in his risen life by Father these verses below describe this truth in truth
Col 1:21-23 and Romans 5:10 first death had to occur for forgiveness total and then resurrection for us to be made alive in this by Spirit of God not by one's flesh and blood of
By Christ's alone thank you

So believe and be set free while in adversity or not and still be in adversity without the peace of

For belief brings peace in adversity, where as not in belief this world gives temporary peace that does not last for eternity as belief does this only in Christ unto Father for new life in Spirit and truth (John 4:24)

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