Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Thought by itself is not good or bad until

What is thought? Is it just a thought, until I take hold of it and make it whatever I decide to of it?
Can I make any thought good or bad, according to whatever thought(s) I have at the present time it is in my head and thinking on it.  that at any moment I could get upset over or not? All from pondering over the thought(s).
I can and do get either upset or not, Happy or sad, in a moments notice. Is that bad or is it there to be able to learn from, for without suffering shame and loss, how can one, anyone learn? Can we if nothing ever went wrong?
So I see the question might be, what to learn and where is what I am pondering in thought, taking me to, Shame or acceptance I can't change past, ever, and shame does not do me any good, nor worry over what has happened, so all I can do is learn to deal with it here on earth in contentment to, not upity, proud or boastful, nor in shame of guilt either. just be person that I am that in truth has no desire to get hurt or hurt and when do get hurt again, just deal with it in the present tense, Keeping mind, Body and Soul together as one.
I see pondering over thought(s) as good to one and not good to another and those in between neither good or bad, all are decisive decisions to whatever one is focused on, true or false?
then there are those that can't decide or do not know how to and waver like a wave in the Ocean? up and all is great one day, and the next nothing is going well.
I have personally been in each situation to look back and am learning to accept to see all thought(s) derived from past stuff, good or bad is not for me to pondered on anymore.
Well as I am befginning to see, to unpack Thought(s)
That is all it is, a thought(s) good or bad, to ponder on any thought good or bad takes one fro a ride in pride (if things go as expected) and or guilt, I messed up again then ponder on wasn't me attitude was you.
What a perplexity  this is to see from the spectator stands at the football game going on constantly, as people are tryig to get ahead always just to survive here on earth, when truth is 100% of everyone dies and has not been improved on fro who knows how long, matters not, it is just a fact all one day , some soon some not so soon
So what are we doing taking thought into this, to harm another in surviving? For has that ever happened to yuo to survive you did another wrong at least in your thoiughts off of one thought I need to survive?
Just putting this out there, for me to see waht goes on in me, maybe you too, I do not know, if you connect then ask inside thee waht it is and learn to be content in adversities we all get here on earth, not one is alone in this at least this I see
Even the Christ who suffered more than anyone ever, and willinlgy died on a cross, the dicviding line of Huma History still we calanderized this before and after this time that happened in History that is kept out of this world in schools, public
Thank you as I just learned a little bit of more contentment in acceptance, as I see this now there is no healing without first beginning willingly to accept the bad and good as is what it is to heal from and learn to do as best can, being no better than anyone else ever
At least this is what I am seeing today, and pray will stick in humbleness and not think I am better that anyone else ever
Thank you

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