Friday, January 13, 2017

dead to unbelief, alive to God in belief to risen Son for each person personally first.

So, how can one be saved and secure in this salvation? 

The Risen Christ I speak of, in just belief how can that be and not of works to do?
For are not works done in beleif to he is risen for you? Now so look are the works one is doing or have done are they of Faith (Belief) or of self in getting rewards from others?
Only I can answer this for me to see in truth of whether it be me doing the working of God, or God doing the work that is done through me by Son.

Which one is rest? Me to do the work or trusting God to lead me in doing the work?
As God lead each of us each personally to see. So will I, you and anyone else reading here to. Stand in beleif too as even Job did in the book of Job. and then maybe deeper in the willing death Jesus did for us each to be dead to flesh with him. To see new life in Spirit and truth of Father to lead us in his risen Son. We be just Father and Son's water glass, so to speak.
You decide I have, and woe is me to see the rest called into as in Heb. 4:9-11
Thank You
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