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Adopted in Disciples by belief to his love for you, even if you might still sin his love continues for you to see it's truth

Disciples of Christ
James (Brother of Jesus)
James  (son of Alphaeus)
Andrew (Peter's Brother)
Judas Iscariot (the one deceived to betray Jesus) Whom repented
Simon (the Zealot)
Matthew (tax collector)
Thomas (the doubter) had to see with his eyes to believe
Matthias, replaced Judas Iscariot, by lots the disciples threw and whomever it landed on was to be the new disciple.
But God had another one in mind, to be born out of God's due time
That was Saul, who became Paul.
The story goes as this on the road to Damascus, the revelation of whom he was persecuting appeared to him on that road to Damascus
Well has anyone or does anyone view this action that happened on the road to Damascus?
Remember in Acts what happened to Stephan? He was stoned to death with Saul's consent, a Pharisee of Pharisees, as he watched Stephan willingly go to his death in belief to Jesus is for him and will save him from death. As Jesus did the same on the cross for us all to be willing to do the same, whether it happens or not. The key to the opened door for us is to be willing!
So Saul, who when on his way to Damascus to kill more Believers in the risen Christ, over the dead one, that saddened many at that time, before was risen for new life to be given in belief to he has risen it is done for all. that stand in belief to this truth
Now if this were you that saw Stephan go to his death willingly while being stoned to death, what thought(s) would be in you on the way to Damascus?
Then you hear and see and fall off your horse and hear it is Christ the risen one you are persecuting.
What does this do to you? I know what this has done to me in belief to see and not quit in belief no matter what adversities come.
Even homeless and broke, been there, even death been there too. And reckon me as dead presently ever day, by Father's mercy given us all through Son who has done for everyone at the cross in his death, where no new life is at yet! No life in death is there?
The new life is in the risen Christ, the death was for reconciliation, once for all to get a hold of, it is finished we are 100% forgiven by God Father of Son on the cross.
Col. 1:21-23 tells you this.
All Father has asked in his Mercy is to believe him, he is not a tyrant as many think he is, in the first Testament.
If there were no stop signs, traffic lights on the roadways to have no accidents, would there be fewer accidents or more?
See now why the Law is in place?
Now I am talking not of the letter of the Law, that steals, kills and destroys.
I am talking the Spirit of the Law. The owners intent, purpose. To reveal to us we need his love Mercy and truth. For us to walk new and not harm others anymore as we all have at one time or another.
Today is the day to turn to belief to see troubles flood thee once believe. This really is good for thee, when that happens, why?????????????
You are being trained as a runner trains or a gymnast, it hurts and burns and seems as not fair, but it is fair to have my dross burned out of me. How about you, unless you think you are just fine on your own

I am just fine, well okay, love you anyway, whether believe or not, God did this with his own Son loved us all anyway, shown by Son and Stephan in willingly dying, and both did. In Belief all the way.
Where as in the First Testament these in belief were saved for a short while longer in proving God's love to us, even in the book of Job, morrow of that book of is:
Stand in belief, even when go through troubles, as Job did according to that written message to us to be a Job and not deny God either.Then to willing death whenever that day is here on earth is where one is freed form stress and worry, even though thoughts try to still come in and interfere

Get it, the key here is belief to be seen through it all, willingly ready and not ready to go through troubles to be taught from them how to walk new in Faith to God Father the same as Jesus did.

Love you all, as God seriously does love us all. How can I condemn anyone ever since God chose through Son I am forgiven, even if one sins again, we remain from Father's view as forgiven, faster that one can blink an eye.
Now that is awesome, so we are left with a choice, to belief, receive and see or not.
To believe to see, or remain in unbelief if you are in unbelief. I find most that are in unbelief, it is in truth not to God.
 It is the people that say they believe and abused or abuse thee, true or not?

Trying to tell you how to live or else as if they know, sorry these do not know truth over error.
For God by Son open the gate to the corral of this world, that wants you free to go as you please.
So in response to be able to go out into this world and do as you please, how are you going to do?

Spend up all your inheritance in riotous living? Or turn to his Mercy in thanksgiving and praise and ask personally to God in you, by Son's done work of forgiving you at the cross, done once for all, as said in Col. 1:22?
So in retrospect of I can do anything I want, what sense does it make to harm others ever again? You are free to in the risen Son, for all sin was taken away at the cross in Son's Father's sight, by Son's one time death for all.
Not this world's view, but is Father's view, so turn to him and see burning begin, for God's enemies hate anyone to believe in him. This is why work is so prime to do here. And is opposite of true love to us all. to turn and do work willingly and not complain anymore over it.

That is what freedom is to be able to do willingly, this includes go through

John 16:33Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Homwardbound I am as good as there, in spirit and truth,  in belief only, thank you

So live, laugh, love, before long you will see differently not harming anyone over anything ever again as you grow in this love freedom given thee

So believe and be, that easy after a lot of adversities trying to stop you from belief to see

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